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Pottery Video & BookFloor Jars (over 20" high)
Large Shelf or Pedestal Jars (13" to 20" high)
Tabletop (12" or less), Floral, Bath, Candle & Small Gift
Cookware, Serve-ware, Dinnerware, Kitchen
Planter Pots, Garden, PatioAntique

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The Sasak women in Lombok, Indonesia handcraft this fine pottery. The artisans of three villages have come together to form the Lombok Pottery Cooperative (LPC). LPC ensures fair wages to its artists, and provides standardization of sizes, styles and quality of the pottery, enabling these wonderful pieces to be available for export.

Although all the artists use similar methods in forming their pieces, each artist has a specialty product, which allows LPC and Sasak Gallery to provide a wide range of products: from tableware and gift ware, to planters and large floor jars. The pottery process is quite involved, and is a skill that has been passed from mother to daughter over hundreds of years. After pieces are formed, they are fired in pits or primitive kilns, giving each piece its own unique fire markings. These pieces provide a wonderful accent for home or garden.

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