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Terms and Conditions

1. Sasak Gallery is an importer and wholesaler of home decor accessories, selling to retailers and interior designers.

2. Minimum Order for Wholesale Prices is $200. Sales to design studios of less than $200 are priced at retail less 40%.

3. A 10 percent discount will be applied to three or more of the same package. (See minimum purchase per item on price list.)

4. First orders require prepayment by check or credit card. Generat terms are Net 30 with approved credit - OR we can do a credit card authorization at time of shipment, which will be charged after 30 days. Custom orders require a 50% deposit.

5. The most cost-effective option for shipping, especially oversized pieces, is road freight, which requires a $500 order. Smaller orders are shipped UPS or FedEx Ground at the best rate, unless otherwise specified by the customer. All shipping is billed at our cost.

6. Lost or Damaged Shipments:

... a) If any item is broken, be sure to repack the damaged item as you received it so the carrier may inspect it in its original packing and carton. Contact your local carrier and file a damage pickup claim.

b) Large items must be returned to us by carrier for replacement to occur.

c) For small items or minor damage, proof by photo, or a phone call, may be sufficient for replacement or invoice adjustment.

d) For lost or short items, notify us so we can start a tracer and get your shipment to you. All claims must be notified within 10 days.

7. Orders will be shipped within two weeks, unless alternate ship date is specified.

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