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Sasak Gallery is an importer and wholesaler committed to helping artists and villages prosper by promoting their art in the United States. We are also committed to the principles of fair trade. These artworks make beautiful and functional additions to the home or office. Browse our collections to find out more about our showcase of extraordinary handcrafted arts from exotic lands.

Sasak Gallery owner, Val Davies, is responsible for bringing this exclusive collection of pottery and other handcrafts to the United States. The concept for Sasak Gallery originated when the British-born Davies visited Lombok while on a business trip with her husband to Indonesia. As they ventured from Bali east to Lombok, Davies was very impressed with the Sasak people's earthy and traditional way of life, and their beautiful crafts. So much so that she chose to take their name for her gallery.

We specialize in Sasak pottery crafted by the women of Lombok, an island east of Bali, Indonesia. Also in our Indonesian collection, we've found palm leaf and palm bark boxes, Ikat fabrics and ceremonial cloths, wood carved fabric hangers, boxes, baskets, and accent furniture. Our European collection includes contemporary pieces from France, the Czech Republic and Ukraine in Eastern Europe.

While we sell only wholesale to retail and design trades, we encourage anyone interested in our products to browse the site and call or email us for retail locations.

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